Civic City Cahier ebook series
Edited by Jesko Fezer and Matthias Görlich

Bedford Press is pleased to publish the first ebooks to be released by the Architectural Association. The Civic City Cahier series is now available, including the out-of-print editions 1 and 2 by Margit Mayer and Gui Bonsiepe. The books are distributed worldwide through Amazon for Kindle and on the iBookstore for Apple devices. A free Kindle reader app is also available for most smartphone and tablet platforms.

Civic City Cahier 1: Social Movements in the (Post-)Neoliberal City
Margit Mayer
ISBN 978-1-907414-27-5

Civic City Cahier 2: Design and Democracy
Gui Bonsiepe
ISBN 978-1-907414-29-9

Civic City Cahier 3: Distributed Agency, Design’s Potentiality
Tom Holert
ISBN 978-1-907414-30-5

Civic City Cahier 4: Afterlives of Neoliberalism
Neil Brenner, Jamie Peck and Nik Theodore
ISBN 978-1-907414-31-2

Civic City Cahier 5: Designing the Post-Political City
and the Insurgent Polis

Erik Swyngedouw
ISBN 978-1-907414-32-9

Civic City Cahier 6: Design in and Against the Neoliberal City
Jesko Fezer
ISBN 978-1-907414-33-6